photo Jeremy Mimnagh

Research & Development

This Happened

A new investigation that considers the body’s ability to host information, archive past events and offer a delineated fragment of history in representational form. In progress with Luke Garwood, Robert Abubo, James Bunton and Jeremy Mimnagh - 2016/17

The Margie Gillis Legacy Project

In August 2014 Kate was asked to join a group of artists who will learn Margie’s performance works, her teaching pedagogy, and conflict resolution practice. Deeply invested in performance history, Kate is involved in preserving the Margie Gillis Foundation.

TEDx Event

Curators Michael Wrenshall and Sam Plavins of a Thunder Bay TEDx Event invited Hilliard to create a work for their 2016 initiative. The symposium examined the question “What Are We Waiting for?” Hilliard responded with this answer and a performance inspired by her thoughts...

“Happiness is fleeting. It exists between the mundane repetition of everyday tasks, and often rests right next to what is sad and bitterly unfair. Everything is temporary however, and as long as we're living, we are also growing. What are you waiting for? Perhaps for something unknown to shift and reveal a path toward happiness? Lately I’ve been reminded that when we are brave enough to trust another lost soul, the world can charge. It takes a very black night to see the stars vividly…and our darkest moments often allow for bright realizations.”

photo Jeremy Mimnagh
photo Izabela Pioro