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Recently in the community

Guelph Dance Festival Outreach Choreographer Kate began a new creation with The Guelph Youth Company this July. This work will continue to be developed and performed in the 2016-2017 season. CCDT Contemporary Technique Fall 2016


“It’s been said that 90% of communication is understood through body language. As movement artists, we should strive to be master communicators”

“the performing body at it’s best lives in a reactive state. It is a vessel for what might happen.”

Guest faculty member at Ryerson University: Creative Performance Studies

Kate’s approach to Creative Performance Studies examines the artistic practice of performance and performance making. Through physical exploration and discussion, students are given the opportunity to experience a variety of research modes that contribute to their contemporary understanding of dance and theatre. Using various tools and techniques, dancers and actors work to perform with sensitivity and risk. Aspiring artists will develop a point of view regarding the invention of movement and spoken word, while studying the implications of space, time, and relationships as they relate to both repertoire and their own creative projects. By the end of each class we aim to better understand the motivation behind our creative curiosity.

Co-Producer of the New Voices Festival with colleague Clara McBride 

This  project was initiated  by Originally conceived by senior faculty members Sheldon Rosen and Perry Schneiderman, The New Voices Festival is a student run platform that offers the opportunity for graduating creators to produce and perform original dance and theatre.  It is a showcase of work-in-progress uniting all three departments at The School of Performance.

Contemporary Technique

This centre and floor class is designed to highlight the body’s dynamic range of motion while considering: weight distribution, musicality, directional awareness and energetic calibrations.

Students work to hone a sophisticated physical instrument that is powerful and articulate. Performers in training are encouraged to make interpretive choices that are independent of exercise structures.

Improvisation Technique

Students will investigate their creative intuitions becoming sensitive to their movement instincts. Paying close attention to the performance environment, both imagined and actual, students are encouraged to think abstractly. We aim to contribute with an open mind, believing that anything is possible.