Pictured: Kate Hilliard & Luke Garwood ©Jeremy Mimnagh 2014

Performed by
Luke Garwood
Andrya Duff
Kate Hilliard

We listen to music through the mundane tasks of everyday life as well as through celebration, heartbreak and repose. Album is a dance inspired by our life experiences and the personal soundtracks that we compose along the way. The physical performance responds to, and reconstructs stories captured in, interviews from a wide variety of Toronto residents. Using a list of songs derived from these dialogues, Mimnagh creates an interactive sound design that acts as both a diary and dance card for the performers. Album reminds us that specific periods in our lives can be instantly recalled by our favourite tunes. When you ask people about their relationship to music, you find out what they’ve lived through. You find out who they are.

Choreographed by Kate Hilliard
Performed by
Luke Garwood, Andrya Duff and Kate Hilliard
Interviews by
Andrya Duff, Sound Design by Jeremy Mimnagh, Lighting by Simon Rossiter
Scenography by
Gram Schmalz, Costume Design by Alana Elmer, Artistic Advisor Bonnie Kim