Pictured: Kate Hilliard © Jeremy Mimnagh 2011

Performed by
Kate Hilliard
Adam Roper
Drew DeJesus
Josh Rowe
Lauren Ferebee
Tricia Olds

While We Were Waiting was commissioned by the Stella Adler Studio of Acting as part of their MAD AIR (Movement and Dance Artists in Residency) program. The work runs for forty-five minutes and features Drew DeJesus, Lauren Ferebee, Tricia Olds, Adam Roper and Josh Rowe moving to an original score of music composed and performed live by pianist Laurence Gingold. In 2010 the work toured to Manhattan, Vancouver and Toronto. The choreography was built using a set of definitions, which explore the meaning and implications of living life with a keen sensitivity to the present moment.

Reviewed by Paula Citron
Besides being a member of Dancemakers, Kate Hilliard is an independent choreographer. Last summer she was invited to New York’s famed Stella Adler Studio of Acting to develop a movement work.
Hilliard’s While We Were Waiting appeared in town over the weekend and it is a darling piece in which Hilliard and her six collaborators – five performers and one musician – explore the physical and emotional reactions to the act of waiting.
The core of the work is a repeating vigorous synchronized movement pattern which is affected by the mood of the performers. The first time, the movement is done as a rehearsal while they wait for a colleague. Later, the pattern reflects boredom, anger, humour and the like.
Other choreography details responses to emotions. For example, in a burst of juvenile antics, one young man orders his colleagues to help him fly.
The young actors are not really dancers so there was an interesting edgy intensity to their physicality.
While We Were Waiting
Choreography by Kate Hilliard
Performed by Adam Roper, Drew DeJesus, Josh Rowe, Lauren Ferebee and Tricia Olds with musician/composer Laurence Gingold
At the Theatre Centre, Feb.26 and 27, 2010